Alles drum herum – Simon’s Cat T-shirts and Limited Edition Prints jetzt zu haben

25 Jun

Wer kennt sie nicht, die süße, freche Katze von Simon, die ständig irgendwelchen Blödsinn anstellt – und man Ende unschuldig ihr Futter verlangt. Inzwischen hat Simons Katze nicht nur mehrere Youtube-Videos, sondern auch zwei Bücher und einen Shop voller Sachen für Katzenliebhaber. Ganz neu: Simon’s Cat T-shirts and Limited Edition Prints.

After a very long wait, we finally have the most-requested Simon’s Cat item in stock!

We get a lot of email every week. And one email we get more than most are requests for a Simon’s Cat T-shirt. Thank you for patiently waiting for this. It’s taken a long while because we were trying to make the T-shirt that we ourselves would want to wear, and not rush out a quick fix. We’ve got both a traditionally shaped men’s shirt and a more fitted ladies shirt for those of you who prefer that style.

To see the shirts and also other fun Simon’s Cat products please visit our shop:

Limited Edition Prints

Probably the second most requested item we’re emailed about are Simon’s Cat drawings or prints. Well we’ve also introduced limited edition Simon’s Cat prints to our shop. They are available in 3 designs and are each individually signed by Simon.

Above: One of the limited edition prints designs ‚Simon’s Cat with Butterfly‘

The prints come with a certificate of authenticity and are embossed with the Simon’s Cat seal. We’ve got the first ones up on the wall here in the studio and despite being surrounded by Simon’s Cat all day long, these designs still really brighten up the room.

If you are interested in the Limited Edition Prints or seeing all the other Simon’s Cat goodies, please visit our shop

via Simon’s Cat – Simon’s Cat T-shirts and Limited Edition Prints.

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