WONDER WOMAN – Bilder und Infos von der Pilotfolge

4 Jul

Aus der neuen Wonder Woman Serie mag nichts geworden sein, dafür kommen langsam immer mehr Informationen zu Tage. Zuerst erschien eine Szene der Pilotfolge bei Youtube (und war ziemlich schnell wieder weg – jedenfalls bei den meisten). Nun haben die die Leute von iFanboy es geschafft, eine Kopie der Pilotfolge zu bekommen und einen kleinen Bericht bei GeekTyrant veröffentlicht. Sie gehen dabei vor allem darauf ein, welche Änderungen im Bezug auf das vorab im Netz veröffentliche Script gemacht wurden. Ein paar hübsche Screenshots gibt’s noch dazu:

As you know NBC decided against picking up the Wonder Woman pilot from David E. Kelley. Our friends at iFanboy got ahold of a copy of the pilot and was able to review the show. They also took some screenshots, which we have below.

Before reviewing the pilot they reviewed the script. Apparently there were not too many changes from the script, but there were a few. Here are some notable elements that changed:

Themyscira – Throughout the script Wonder Woman constantly flashed back to her time on Paradise Island including her warrior training and meeting and falling for Steve Trevor. None of this appears in the pilot.

Myndi Mayer – In the script she is Diana’s best friend and the press secretary at Themyscira Industries. She does not appear at all in the pilot; instead her character has been merged with that of Etta Candy, who in the script was Diana’s personal assistant.

The Animals – Wonder Woman’s team of quirky and (allegedly) endearing misfits, who act as her evidence team and tech support while she’s out on missions is, thankfully, no where to be found in the pilot.

The Gimmicks – There were a lot of gimmicks in the script that are missing from the pilot:

The script indicated that the pilot would run commercial-free (I bet the ad sales department had a good laugh over that one), but in the pilot there are standard commercial breaks.

The script was littered with on-the-nose musical cues for pop songs like “Single Ladies” which are nowhere to be found in the pilot. Along with the missing pop songs, many of the groan-inducing pop culture references are gone, including a running gag about a lawsuit with Katy Perry who had dressed up as Wonder Woman in one of her videos.

The script also indicated that there will be bleeped out cursing in the series which no longer occurs, though in a meeting about a ridiculously endowed Wonder Woman doll Diana does say the word “tits” twice and „ass“ once.

In the opening scene of the script as Wonder Woman is chasing a criminal down Hollywood Boulevard, she runs into (sometimes literally) people dressed as Buzz Lightyear, SpongeBob SquarePants, Iron Man, and, of course, Wonder Woman. None of this occurs in the pilot.

There were a number aspects about the pilot that iFanboy liked, including:

As Wonder Woman/Diana Themyscira/Diana Prince, Adrianne Palicki was a revelation. I was already a big fan of hers from Friday Night Lights but here she takes center stage and pulls off what is an extremely difficult role. She’s tough, she’s charming, she’s sexy, she’s vulnerable, and she’s got a little bit of an angry edge to her when she’s Wonder Woman that adds just a dash of exciting unpredictability. This could have been a star making turn for Padlicki who certainly deserves one.

The Wonder Woman on this show is a badass who is not above choking dudes with her lasso (her favorite move) or throwing a piece of pipe through your throat if you won’t stop shooting at her. For a weekly television show, the action scenes were fairly well executed and at times quite thrilling. The whole final sequence where she storms Veronica Cale’s compound and decimates her ‘roided out super-soldier army is really fun to watch.

Here are some of the aspects that they did not like about the pilot:

There wasn’t a whole lot about the pilot that I didn’t like. The most glaring was probably Cary Elwes, as CEO of Themyscira Industries Henry Demeter, who had “superhero overacting disease” in which perfectly respectable and talented actors think that because they are in a comic book production that they need to turn the goofiness up a few notches.

As Steve Trevor, Justin Bruening was a bit of a mannequin. A very handsome mannequin, sure, but he didn’t exactly exude a ton of charm.

viaWONDER WOMAN photos from the pilot – News – GeekTyrant.


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