Superhero Fashion Week – MOONSPIRATION! — Senshi Style #14

8 Jul

Nicht nur Sailor Moon bekommt eine Neuauflage ihres Mangas, sondern auch ihre Vorgängerin Sailor V. Bis es aber soweit ist, kann man sich mit Hilfe von Teil 3 der Superhero Fashion Week – Sailor Moon Style schon etwas in Stimmung bringen. Teil 2 findet man hier.

Senshi Style #14: Sailor V

In honor of the recent announcement of the American release of Codename: Sailor V, I cooked up this set inspired by its titular heroine.

The thing about Sailor V is that she isn’t approached too unlike the rest of the Sailor Senshi. Minako’s staple accessory remains in her bright red bow. I picked a bedazzled Tarina Tarantino bow, but you could easily find a cheaper alternative (or even make it). The sailor look is still prevalent in dark blue skirts and sailor cardigans. The look of Sailor V’s choker can be mimicked by a cute moon necklace. Blue strap heels and quirky red glasses complete the ensemble.


Cardigan: See by Chloe, $395

Skirt: Splendid, $51

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood, $185

Necklace: Juicy Couture, $48

Bow: Tarina Tarantino, $45

Glasses: Girlprops, $9.99

viaMOONSPIRATION! — Senshi Style #14: Sailor V In honor of the recent….


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