Superhero Fashion Week: MOONSPIRATION! — Senshi Style #15: Mistress 9

8 Jul

Zeit, sich den Bösen bei der Superhero Fashion Week – Sailor Moon Style zu widmen. Schließlich heißt es nicht umsonst, es geht eine besondere Faszination vom Bösen aus. Als Ausgleich gibt es unten eine Erklärung von Moonspiration zu den Preisen ihrer Kollektionen. Teil 1 findet man hier, Teil 2 hier, Teil 3 hier.

Senshi Style #15: Mistress 9

My second fave villain (are you seeing a pattern with my favorite villains here?), interpreted in a very cool way. Compared to the elaborate wardrobes of previous villains, Mistress 9’s costume is one of the more laid-back ones (in comparison, anyway). Maybe not at first glance would you think “that looks like a cute outfit to lounge around in”, but perhaps this could change your mind.

Mistress 9 wears a long, long skirt to match her long, long black hair. In the anime, her skirt is black, but in the manga (pictured), her skirt is white. I picked a gorgeous Jason Wu skirt, but again, it’s a very basic-looking skirt and it wouldn’t be hard to find cheaper elsewhere (could even be easily made, for those of you who are so inclined). While her top appears to be very vest-like, I think a cuter interpretation would be a navy blue tunic top, preferably sleeveless. Almost any kind of similar top would do, I just picked this Spiegel top for the necklace, honestly.

Mistress 9 uses accessories sparingly, but you can take artistic liberties (it’s not like we’re trying to blatantly copy the look; if it were that, we’d call it a costume) with a few pearl necklaces and three-pearl earrings (I think we can tell what her favorite stone is…). Top it all off with a black star in some form. It could be a necklace, or anything you want. I picked the headband because 1. her black star is on her forehead and 2. It’s basically the headband of my dreams.


Top: Spiegel, $39

Skirt: Jason Wu, $1,995

Pearls: rue21, $9.99

Earrings: Jon Richard, $20

Headband: Cara, $38

[Note: I would like to make something clear about these sets. I’ve seen what a few of you have had to say about them and just wanted to clarify: these sets are not concrete rules, just inspiration. I think the fact that that skirt is almost $2,000 is ridiculous. I’d recommend thrifting or even making a similar skirt because it’s so basic. Just don’t think that you can’t mimic this look because you bought a skirt from Goodwill for $3 instead of a Jason Wu skirt for much more.]

viaMOONSPIRATION! — Senshi Style #15: Mistress 9 My second fave….


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