Superman: The Sun King – Ein Fan-Web-Comic

5 Sep

Ab heute gibt es einen neuen Superman Comic. Ganz umsonst, nur digital – und von Fans geschrieben und gezeichnet. Mehr Information zu der Serie, die insgesamt sechs Bände beinhalten soll, gibt es unten – samt dem Link zum Tumblr, auf dem man „Superman: The Sun King“ lesen kann.

Superman: The Sun King is a retelling of the mythology set in a world where economic security is a guarantee only for the very rich and powerful and a question mark hangs over the integrity of newspaper journalism and big business alike; characters like Lois Lane and Clark Kent struggle to reposition journalists as ethical truth-seekers in a society which expects them and pressures them to be employees of a company as concerned with its bottom line as Luthorcorp — which itself is trying to clean up its image. Superman emerges amidst a society which is wary of placing its trust in anything or anyone which appears to represent ‘authority’; and as he steps into the light, so light is shed on the existence of the mysterious Faces of Omega — an organisation which claims to offer an “alternative society” for the disenfranchised and the independent thinkers of Metropolis, America, and, eventually, the world.

Here’s a panel from the first issue of The Sun King, which we’re going to start distributing on Monday 5th September (mark your calendars!). The plan right now is to post a page from the issue in this tumblr every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then collate the whole thing into a single download when it’s complete.


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