Superhero Fashion Week: Comic Book Jewelry & Accessories by PopCycled

9 Sep

Teil 2 der Superhero Fashion Week bestreitet Laura, die in ihrem Etsy Shop PopCycled vor allem Schmuck verkauft. Die Themen sind Comics, etwas SciFi, Videospiele und noch viel mehr Comics. Ihre Vorliebe für DC-Heldinnen (besonders aus Gotham), finde ich sehr symphatisch.

Welcome! At Popcycled Baubles we create unique comic book jewelry & accessories from actual books and other pop-culture items. The pages are lovingly cut and upcycled into jewelry such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, and additionally into key chains, coaster sets, paperweights and other accessories. All pieces are gift-boxed and ready for gifting to someone special or as an extra special gift to yourself.

Custom orders are welcome, send me a message with your character request and I will respond to let you know if I already have art of that character or if I’ll need to source it. Please be sure to read my shop policies for more information on custom orders and for other housekeeping related information.

I’m a nerdy girl who likes to show off what I love, and if you are similar your in the right place. I’m taking items such as comic books and turning them into items you’ll be proud to own and also help represent your fandom. I primarily use modern era books, their coloring is vibrant and the characters themselves are fresher and better represented. I get new books pretty much weekly and I’m always falling in love with a new artist. As a DC girl my favorite characters are Batwoman, all of the Gotham bad girls and of course Wonder Woman. I hope you enjoy the items I’ve made and find something to represent your personal favorite character!
Thank you for visiting my shop, I hope you find an item you love and are proud to wear to represent your favorite characters!

via PopCycled Baubles Comic Book Jewelry & Accessories by PopCycled.


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