Superhero Fashion Week: Geekery At Its Finest by MakeItSick

10 Sep

Geekery ist ein  Wort, das ziemlich passend den Etsy-shop von Chelsea Pace beschreibt. Comics, SciFi, Videospiele… all das fließt bei ihr ein. Auch hat sie nicht nur Schmuck für die Damen, sondern auch Gebrauchsgegenstände, wie z.B. ihre Star Wars Lesezeichen.

Welcome to Make It Sick! A shop where new ideas bring back old memories, old comic books get a new life, and your inner child is never extinguished!

Make It Sick is about everything geek; whether it be your favorite superheros, video games, or scifi movies. Made by a geek, for a geek! 

If you have any custom wants or needs, just let know. I can turn pretty much anything into an accessory of your choice! 
Thanks for looking, and come back soon! 🙂 -Chelsea!

Achuta! (That’s hello in Huttese! ^_^)

The name’s Chelsea Pace. A recent high school grad who’s crazy about all things comic books, extraterrestrial, and scifi. I’m a firm believer that we, as people, are nothing without our inner child and that our happiness stems from it. My inspiration comes from this belief, and the loves that have stemmed from my own childhood.

May I never lose my youth, and if I do may I be forgettable.“
I’ve always loved drawing and illustration, and have picked up a passion for crafts over the years. You’ll always find me in my room making polymer clay necklaces or forging bags out of recycled t-shirts.

I’ve decided to put these artsy skills and desires, combined with my geeky inhibitions, and make an Etsy shop! Full of things that other guys and gals like me will truly appreciate.
I hope all of you enjoy my stuff, cause I put my heart and soul into everything I create! Thanks!

****PS= All orders come with a free Comic Book Cuff (Even the Comic Book Cuff listing itself!) and a coupon for 10% off your next purchase!****

via Geekery At Its Finest by MakeItSick on Etsy.


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