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Was Superhelden so hören – iToons #5

20 Sept

Neat Stuff! – iToons #5.

Achtung, Spoiler! – Stephanie Brown ist wieder da

20 Sept

Ende Dezember geht es mit Batman Inc. weiter – und wieder kommt eine Heldin darin vor, die DC lange in der Ecke hat sitzen lassen. Dieses mal ist es Stephanie Brown. Allerdings hat Steph eine neue (alte) Rolle bekommen, wie man in der Vorankündigung von DC lesen kann:

„Grant Morrison is back on BATMAN INCORPORATED for a giant-sized one-shot called LEVIATHAN STRIKES. Gotham’s greatest detective will learn that there’s more to his deadly foe than meets the eye. So what is the Leviathan’s shocking secret? We’re not saying…but for now, we’ve got a first look at the cover by Chris Burnham. The long-awaited conclusion to season 1 of BATMAN INCORPORATED is here at last!” said Morrison. “For months, Batman and his allies have fought a shadow campaign against the deadly legions of the mysterious Leviathan, but now it’s time for all-out war – a war which Batman may not be able to win. Schoolgirl assassins! Bat-robots! Nazi masterminds with Alzheimer’s! Guest stars galore! Batman and Spoiler team to face the School of Night while Batman Incorporated travels to a sinister Cold War interrogation facility to face the mind-bending menace of Doctor Dedalus for the last time while the true identity of Leviathan is finally revealed, with shocking consequences for the Dark Knight. With incredible artwork from Cameron Stewart (BATMAN AND ROBIN MUST DIE) and Chris Burnham (BATMAN INC.), LEVIATHAN STRIKES! rounds out season 1 and is also the prologue to 2012’s BATMAN: LEVIATHAN – the epic, tragic, final act of a story six years long.”


Dan DiDio hatte es ja schon angedroht, dass Steph wieder zu Spoiler würde – was bedeutet, dass dieses tolle Cover NICHt wahr wird (eine Schande): Weiterlesen

Lesestoff: Red Hood – The Lost Days

20 Sept

Autor: Judd Winick

Zeichner: Pablo Raimondi und Jeremy Haun

Verlag: DC Comics (auf deutsch bei Panini erschienen)

Seiten: 144

Preis: $ 14.99

Erschienen: Juni 2011

Verlagsbeschreibung: After a Death in the Family, Batman almost gave up. Robin did not. Somehow Jason Todd dug his way back up from the dead to become the brutal vigilante, the Red Hood. Seeing a golden opportunity when she finds the reborn Jason wandering the streets catatonic, Talia al Ghul restores his vitality in a Lazarus Pit, then homes his vengeful wrath into a righteous anger with anyone who harms the innocent. Target: the Joker. For countless reasons, including killing Jason to begin with, he must die. Also in their sights: Batman. For his refusal to put the mad clown down permanently, countless murders stain the Dark Knight’s hands. Batman must die as well. Weiterlesen

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