Stephanie Brown: Robin History Part V by ~JBadgr

1 Okt

Bevor es um die Zukunft von Stephanie Brown geht, hier nochmals eine kurze Erinnerung, wer Stephanie Brown eigentlich war:

Ok it’s almost been a year since I started this series… and IN THAT YEAR I have head over heels fallen in love with Stephanie’s character.

I had not included her because… well, I knew jack sh*t about her (Only knew her from War Games). She was just part of the generation of characters from which I distanced myself a bit.

Anyway, now that I have read through issues of her character and absolutely adore the girl, I felt it was extremely necessary for me to do the COMPLETE HISTORY and include the lovely Steph Brown

Steph, I’m sorry it took me a year to make your history– if it’s any consolation, this is by far my favourite of the bunch!

viaComic: Robin History Part V by ~JBadgr.


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