Simon’s Cat – Finding a little gift…

18 Dez

Langsam wird es ja Zeit, sich über Geschenke Gedanken zu machen. Schließlich steht Weihnachten bald vor der Tür. Hier ein Vorschlag von Simon’s Cat:

The youngest of my cats, Teddy has been catching a lot of mice recently. I usually manage to save most of them but he has learned that I take them away from him, so now he bolts for the cat flap when I get up. This week I have had a wood mouse and two house mice delivered for inspection.

He catches a lot of them in the rain and will sit for ages waiting like a statue getting soaked to the skin. It usually pays off though as he always comes back with something. I believe he likes the rain because it cancels out  the mouse’s excellent hearing and makes them easier to catch. I think he has Maine Coon in him so he doesn’t seem to mind the rain anyway.

Maisy, the giant of the family was a natural mother and used to bring Hugh and Teddy mice to practice with when they were kittens, she taught them well!

viaSimon’s Cat – Finding a little gift….

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