“Twas The Night Before Christmas” With Guest Star: Powergirl!

26 Dez

Die wundervolle Katie von „A Snarky Nerdette“ hat letztes Jahr ein Weihnachtsgedicht mit Power Girl geschrieben, dass sie auch dieses Jahr wieder veröffentlicht hat.

Auch wenn Weihnachten fast vorbei ist, hier ist nochmals Peejs Auftritt als „Weihnachtsmann“:

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city
Not a villain was stirring, which wasn’t a pity.


The streets were all filled with Christmas lights
And the usual kind of holiday sights.

The general populace were probably at home in their beds,
While visions of Christmas goodies danced in their heads.

I, on the other hand, was still fully awake
Watching TV, enjoying some Christmas cake.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.

Out to the yard with an uncoordinated dash,
Caught my leg on a table and suffered a gash.

Then what to my pain-filled eyes should appear,
But a sleigh careening down, plus some reindeer.

The person driving the sleigh let out a “Shoot!”
“How does he steer this thing, is it the suit?”

More rapid than eagles her coursers they came,
She bellowed, and for the backyard, she aimed.

“Darn it Dasher, and Prancer, stop fighting you two!
I don’t need to be dealing with a reindeer coup!


She sighed “This sleigh driving thing isn’t my usual job,
I’m used to fighting aliens, maybe even a blob!”

Down towards the lawn, the hoofed creatures flew,
When they landed softly, she breathed a “Phew!”

As I stared at the woman, she caught sight of me,
“Uh, you got kids inside, ages one through three?”

I nodded dumbly, still too stunned to reply,
“Oh good,” she replied, “Got it on the first try.”

She was dressed in a white leotard, blue boots with a red cape,
And certainly filled out the top with her womanly shape

She yanked out a bundle of toys from the sleigh,
Then asked, “Can I leave these with you? Is that okay?

I promised the big guy in red I’d help out tonight,
And I’ve got lots of places to be, sorry if I’m trite.”

I nodded again, and took the sack,
And asked if she’d like Santa’s snack?

“Nah, you enjoy the cookies and milk, I gotta fly.”
She grinned and a sparkle twinkled in her eye.

She turned back to the reins, and gave a small wave
“Okay Dasher and Prancer, this time, let’s behave.

There are children all over the world who need toys
And we can’t disappoint the girls and boys.”

The team took off as she let out a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

And I heard her exclaim as they drove out of sight,
“Hey this Santa Claus gig is sort of alright!”

Note: I wrote this last year after seeing some art of PG as Santa Claus, and figured it was time to bring it back.

via http://jacquelineofalltrades.tumblr.com/post/14403423561/twas-the-night-before-christmas-with-guest-star


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