Easter Egg: DC sagt (fast), wer die Dame in Lila ist

4 Jan

Die geheimnisvolle Dame, die in jedem der ersten Comics des DC-Neustarts vorkam, wurde hier ja schon erwähnt (siehe hier). Nun hat die gute einen Namen bekommen: Pandora. Viel mehr wollte DC nicht über sie verraten. Aber MTV Geek hat noch ein paar Informationen über Charaktere zusammen getragen, die schon mal diesen Namen trugen bei DC. Darunter sind eine Radiostation, eine Geliebte von Shade (der ja auch wieder bei DC aktiv ist) und dann ist Pandora noch ein Name von Eve, der ersten Frau aus Neiul Gaimans „Sandman“ Universum. Die ganzen Theorien etwas ausführlicher – und ein wirklich gutes Bild von Pandora – gibt es unten.

Lending credence our theory that 2012 holds big things for DC Comic’s Purple Lady, the Publisher have officially announced her rather portentous name today: Pandora.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track of Easter Egg style characters in DC Comics, Pandora was first introduced in Flashpoint #5. The mysterious hooded figure used the Flash’s powers of running super fast to bring three universes – Wildtsorm, DC, and a bit of the ol’ Vertigo – together into one, new universe dubbed The New 52. She then reappeared in cameo form in every single first issue of DC’s New 52, indicating she wasn’t going away any time soon.

And in fact, in her first appearance, she threatened just that, saying that the three universes had to come together to protect creation from a humungous threat. Since then? Nothing, really, other than a flurry of speculation on message boards about the Jim Lee designed, Geoff Johns created character. Was she new? Old? An amalgamation of a few other characters? Well, now we know…

…Still not a whole lot. But the name gives us some other ideas, beyond just the mythological connotations (that Pandora being of the famous Box, draw your own Mega-Crossover from that). Particularly as there’s two Pandoras that could have made their way over from Vertigo during Flashpoint:

Pandora #1: She’s the former lover of Shade The Changing Man, from his self titled series… In that, she was a statue made flesh, who disintegrated once Shade’s curious friends opened the box at the base of her pedestal. A few plot points that lend credence to this: Shade is back in the DCU after a long break, first turning up in a Flashpoint mini, then in the currently running Justice League Dark. Additionally, Shade was outside the Universe while the Flashpoint event was happening. We haven’t seen if that had any effect on him (cause he’s a nutbag), but it certainly would explain why the quirky cult character is so front and center in the New 52.

Pandora #2: This option peaks our curiosity, actually, as Pandora was the alias of none other than Eve, the first woman, in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and all other “Dreaming” related books. In fact, Eve is the first inhabitant of The Dreaming, and potentially a strong candidate to bring that part of the Vertigo Universe back to DC, big time. And what’s a bigger threat to all inhabitants of all worlds than something that threatens the fabric of our minds? Certainly, Eve would want to protect us against that, right? By the way, saying that Eve being Pandora peaks our curiosity was a very funny joke. Didn’t want you to miss that one.

Pandora #3: She’s a streaming radio station.

Anyway, is it either of the first two? Or an entirely new character? We imagine that we’ll be finding out plenty more as we gear up to what we’re guessing is an announcement about DC’s Big Summer Event. Stay tuned.

viaDC’s Purple Lady Is Named Pandora – But Have We Seen Her Before?.

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