Roxanne: Lois & Clark office romance gone utterly, utterly WRONG!

23 Jan

Dunkel, aber wirklich gut gemacht. Lois und Clark zur Musik von „El tango de Roxanne“ aus dem Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack:


Clark Kent, the newest recruit to the Daily Planet meets Lois Lane and is instantly captivated. Sparks fly around the bullpen and Kent falls hard for the intrepid reporter who also takes a liking to the naïve copyboy. Alas, the former Farm-boys heart is shattered into several pieces when he realizes she does not share his strong feelings in return and is notorious in moving on from one lover to the next. The poor boy can only take so much and repeatedly confesses his undying love for her in hopes of winning her back. Shocked at the depth of what he feels for her, Lois begins to feel something stir within her heart for Clarkie. As she decides once and for all to go steady with him, her previous paramours come back to haunt her. Will the naive Farmboy reach her in time to save her!!??? DUN DUN DUN..melodrama ensues


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