Welcome to Crossover-Hell: wer trifft wen in DCs New 52?

16 Feb

In Gotham wird sich fast die gesamte Bat-Familiy mit dem Court of Owls herumschlagen, die Teen Titans leiten mit einem Crossover ihr eigenes Spin-Off ein, die Superman-Familie hat auch den einen oder anderen Schlagabtausch geplant und das ist erst der Anfang. Willkommen in DCs eigener Crossover-Hell. Denn was wünschen sich Neuleser mehr, als große Crossover die sie dazu zwingen, mehrere Hefte zu kaufen, deren Serien sie nicht lesen… ach ja, welche Neuleser? Aber lassen wir DC selbst ihren tollen Plan erklären (und man beachte die tollen Tippfehler!)

When we first started The New 52 one of the  things we were most excited about was the limitless number of possibilities for  new stories as we moved on through  our first year and for years beyond that.  One of the most intriguing elements going forward was the potential to show that even though these were fresh  takes on our  characters, they all share the same  universe.

This May we are taking the opportunity to show that The New 52 is a shared universe in a couple   of different ways.  First of all we have the epic NIGHT OF THE OWLS story across the Bat-Books as the Court of Owls attacks Gotham City. You can follow different parts of the tale in Batman #9, Batman Annual   #1, Detective Comics #9, Batwing #9, Batman and Robin  #9, Birds of Prey  #9, Batgirl #9, Red Hood and the Outlaws #9, Catwoman #9, Nightwing #9  and All-Star  Western #9 (which takes place in 188- but still in the  same universe as the rest of our books).

Next up  we have a game  changing battle royal in THE CULLING which pits the Teen Titans and  Legion Lost teams against  N.O.W.H.E.R.E!  This is a tough fight for our heroes so they’re going to be sharing a lot of pain in addition to their universe.  Follow the action in Teen Titans Annual #1, Teen Titans #9, Legion Lost  #9 and the all-new Ravagers #1!

Ravagers isn’t the only new series launching this month and we’ll have more on  those  titles, NIGHT OF THE OWLS and THE CULLING on The  Source any minute now so  keep a look out.

As a  final bonus for all of you that have wanted to  see exactly  how our characters interact in The New 52 (and because we   love it too) you’ll see quite a few quest stars in May.

We’ll be following up on this too, but you’re gonna love Suicide Squad vs. Resurrection Man, Frankenstein’s hunt for Animal Man, Blue Beetle squaring off against New Guardians and O.M.A.C. beating the tar out of Justice League International in a story that wraps up in The Fury of  Firestorm.

All of this promises to make May a whole bunch of fun and we can’t wait for you to see  it.

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