Gleichberechtigung: If Male Superhero Costumes were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes!

19 Feb

Nicht nur Comic Alliance macht sich Gedanken über die Darstellung von Superheldinnen in den Comics, weswegen ich hier auch einem anderen Blogger das Wort überlasen möchte: Welcome to: If Male Superhero Costumes were Designed Like Female Superhero Costumes! Aaaaa I dunno. I got tired of guys having no idea why girls find female superhero’s costumes kinda sexist, so I, um, made this? My main goals were: 1) Make it so the first thing you think of when you look at them is sex, whether you want to or not. 2) make it so that any male human who looks at this feels really uncomfortable. 3) make it funny, because, well, it’s kinda hilarious really. Not trying to start a war here, just wanted to poke a bit of fun. So, here you go menfolk, welcome to being a girl who likes comics.

Die Bilder haben eine hübsche Debatte losgetreten, weswegen hier der Nachtrag folgt:

In regards to the superhero pic.

 Damn that got a lot of notes. I  wasn’t really expecting that.

first I just wanna say thanks so much to everyone who likes it C:

Next, I’d also like to thank everyone who’s arguing, I guess this is a little controversial and while i wasn’t doing this with the intent to piss anyone off, i guess it would be hard not to. I appreciate the differing opinions. Argue on, you brave people, just remember to cite your sources.

third, regarding my goals, from the feedback I guess the first two didn’t work out so well, darn. But the third one seems to be a success so I’m satisfied.

Now to elaborate a bit more, I’m not saying all female superhero costumes are like this, and even the ones that are can be fantastic. I’m actually a fan of powergirl’s boob window. YOU GO POWERGIRL. I just don’t like it when their sexy costume and weird poses completely overshadow their character to the point where they’re walking softcore porn. Something that generally doesn’t happen with male superheros.

Now, for the people who don’t make sense to me.

To the person who reblogged it than said it was the most boring thing you’d ever seen. …why did you reblog it then?

And to the dude who said i was, let me see if i remember this right, an autistic homosexual boy whose handwriting looks like my hands were bludgeoned with a hammer at one point. I just wanna say, …yeah my handwriting is pretty bad, isn’t it :/

(also, HAHA U MAD?)

viaHur Dur Dur (Welcome to: If Male Superhero Costumes were…).

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