Friday the 13th: Jason vs Titans by ~n8twing

29 Feb

Youtube ist heute der Horror, weswegen es kein Interview gibt, sondern eine Horrorfilmanspielung. Viel Spaß:

„Friday the 13th: Jason vs Titans“

During the famed 80s run of NEW TEEN TITANS, the group would gather for downtime camping trips and swap origin stories and teen angst. Meanwhile, at the Cineplex, hulking hockey-masked Jason Voorhees slaughtered sexy teens who dared to pitch a tent at Camp Crystal Lake. Here’s my mash-up of two 80s favorites, with Jason prepared to hunt down the beloved Titans. It’s amazing how each of them fit one of those teen character tropes. So welcome to Camp Crystal, Titans…. hope you survive the experience!

This piece was done for CBR’s „The Line Is Drawn,“ where a list of artists (including myself) had to choose from twitter feed responses. The themes: „“Comic book characters fighting villains that they’ve never faced before”!“ I chose Jason Voorhees vs Teen Titans.

viaTeen Titans vs Jason Voorhees by ~n8twing.

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