Brian Woods Star Wars ongoing

12 Jul

Dark Horse hat ja schon einige Star Wars Comics herausgebracht – nun wird es Fans der Saga bald mit neuem Lesestoff versorgen. Autor Brian Wood („The Massive,“ „Northlanders“, „DMZ“, „The New York Four“) wird eine neue fortlaufende Star Wars Serie schreiben, die zwischen „A New Hope“ und „The Empire Strikes Back“ angesiedelt sein soll.

The story in Wood’s series picks up in the aftermath of „A New Hope.“ The Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Death Star, crippling the war machine that is the Empire, and is now trying to recover from its own losses and formulate the next phase. In many ways the key players are all suffering. 

„Luke is hurting from the death of his family and Ben, Leia is in mourning for her family and her entire planet, while trying to shoulder the burden of managing the Rebellion alongside Mon Mothma,“ Wood explained. „Han is still kind of a jerk. Luke only has the barest sense of what the Force is, and will attempt to learn what he can on his own.“

Wood is quick to point out that despite taking such heavy losses, the leaders of the Alliance are right back to work and there is no time to slow down. „Leia is not going to be sitting around in a gown attending a lot of meetings — she has her blaster and an X-wing and is out there with Luke and Wedge working on building the Alliance back up after losing so much. I really wanted to put Leia into the mix, holding her own in battle.

„And then there’s Vader,“ he added, „who is taken to task by the Emperor for not stopping that one X-wing that took out the Death Star.“

„My plan is to pretend that nothing else exists other than ‚A New Hope,'“ said Wood. „At least in the minds of the characters. The fact the reader knows so much, especially things the characters don’t just yet — such as Luke and Leia being related, Vader as their father, et cetera — makes for some fun writing. I love ‚Empire,‘ and maybe in the future I’ll catch up to that film story-wise, but for right now I’m enjoying this beautiful moment in time, starting literally days after the Battle of Yavin when everything is set up and the future is wide open.

A life-long fan of George Lucas‘ „Star Wars“ saga, Wood was flattered at the invitation from both Lucasfilm and Dark Horse to pen the series. „It was impossible to say no,“ Wood said. „If I ever had a desire to write any ‚Star Wars,‘ it doesn’t get any better than a gig like this — classic characters, freedom to pick the story I want to tell, a new series, a new number one and the prestige of having the thing be called, simply, ‚Star Wars.‘ Add the positive experience I’m having at Dark Horse on ‚Conan the Barbarian‘ and ‚The Massive‘ and it’s a no-brainer.“

Die Zeichnungen werden von Carlos d’Anda stammen, die Cover von Alex Ross beigesteuert.

Den ganzen Artikel gibt es bei CBR.



2 Antworten to “Brian Woods Star Wars ongoing”

  1. dichterdenkerchaoten 13. Juli 2012 um 17:53 #

    Ich denke nicht, dass wir noch mehr Handlungen der bekannten Charaktere in den bekannten Zeiten brauchen. Das wirkt zu unoriginell, zu ausgelutscht. Diese Serie werde ich dann wohl auslassen.

    • eincomicleben 13. Juli 2012 um 20:13 #

      Ich hab mir von George Lucas die Star Wars Liebe inzwischen reichlich austreiben lassen – aber es gibt viele Fans, die die alten Charaktere lieben und gerne mehr Abteuer mit ihnen hätten. Und nicht jeder hat oder mag die alten Comics – wobei ich zugegeben einen Reboot im Comic auch spannender gefunden hätte.

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