Bringing Sexy Back: Robins Genderbending by ~Shuggie

24 Jul

Da heute bei Twitter die Frage nach Links zum Thema „Frauen in Comics“ aufkam hier noch ein  Beitrag zum Thema: Genderbending Robins. Also, die an die sich DC noch irgendwie erinnert, denn Stephanie (die hier wohl Stephen heißen würde) und Kelly sind nicht dabei. Also, viel Spaß mit den Ladies:

Genderbend Robins. Dixie Grayson, Jacin Todd, Timee Drake, and Damyanne Wayne. Because I’m not clever with names. And I really like the ones they have.

This ended up being a lot different from what I had originally planned. Dick was supposed to be twirling around and practically sparkling for looking so pretty. And Damian was supposed to be wearing something frilly and adorable (that Dick bought for him), but then ended up looking more like a Disney kid. Tim looks too old, like 20 something instead of 17. Oops.

Well, either way, switching up their genders is fun. Yay for Rule 63.

viaDC: Robins Genderbending by ~Shuggie.

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