Sherlock vs The Zombies

29 Jul

Dass ich ein Fan der BBC Serie Sherlock bin, müsstet ihr inzwischen ja gemerkt haben. Ein fast genauso großer Fan bin ich aber auch von Sherlock Fanart – vor allem wenn sie so toll ist wie dieser kleine Comic der talentierten Sempaiko!


So loooooong story but… I have always wanted to write a fanfic with Zombies at St. Bart’s and Sherlock and John get trapped there with them, and they race against the clock to find/create a cure before it spreads to all of London! Somehow they get separated and Sherlock finds his faithful pathologist, Molly, and together they must find John and the cure before it’s too late!!!

And of course since I pretty much ship Sherlolly, this scene always happened in my head. Too bad I never have time/talent to write the fanfic. Believe me, if I could it would have been epic I’m sure, with Molly showing Sherlock her use of firearms (as taught by her late father XD idk just go with it) and of course perhaps some certain people on the police force getting turned into Zombies… *cough*Donovan/Anderson*cough*

I left the conversation open… I have a kind of idea what he says next, but I thought it would be fun to have you guys guess/fill in the blank.



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