The Dark Knight Trilogy Epilogue: A Life In The Family by ~kinjamin on deviantART

19 Dez

Dieses Bild von kinjamin hab ich gestern entdeckt und es passt ja irgendwie zur Stimmung der Jahreszeit (Familie, Friede, Urlaub…) Außerdem ist es mal nett, wenn Dick Grayson derjenige ist, der nicht gezeigt werden darf…dark_knight_trilogy_epilogue__a_life_in_the_family_by_kinjamin-d5oe03v– This is kind of the Christmas special of the Dark Knight Trilogy Epilogue pieces I’ve done. I think it’s amazing how many artworks there are of the Bat family together. It’s kind of a testament how much love people have for the characters.. and the fact they really want them all to be one big happy family. So while John Blake/Grayson here alludes to trouble back in Gotham, this really is my version of a happy ending for Bruce and Selina. They really do grow old together, have kids, and leave a path for the next generation.

– Doing the Poison Ivy character study next, but wanted to do something a little more fun before I tackled her darker story.

– In love with the idea that Bruce and Selina no longer wearing black symbolizes they were able to leave their former lives behind. So I followed suit.

– I realize it’s really irresponsible for the Bat kids to be wearing Summer clothes that correspond to their respective hero suits.. but I really just wanted to avoid any confusion. (In case you still don’t know who’s who, from left to right, that’s Damian, Helena, Terry, Blake, Barbara, Stephanie (bottom), Jason, Tim, and Cassie

– Speaking of, a piece for Tim and Jason will happen sometime in the future. This isn’t an accurate full interpretation here since they’re out of costume.

– My idea is that Robin-John and Barbara take some of the more talented kids at the orphanage and form something of a Bat academy. So Tim, Steph, and Cassie train under them.

– Cassie’s snorkel is similar to her Black Bat mask.

– Contrary to what you may think, my math is NOT off. When this occurs, here are the approximate ages:

– Bruce: 57 (Tom Hank’s age.. also my Dad’s age. My Dad is actually in better shape than I am)

– Selina: 47 (Around Halle Berry’s age… who, as you know, still looks fantastic. She had Helena right away, and Terry way later.)

– Terry is around 5 here.

– Helena: 18

– Damian: 19 (Has been fighting crime way longer than his sister.. for about a decade. Unfortunately for him, he inherits his mother’s height. Helena towers over him.)

– John: 38 (Has been Batman for a decade and a half)

– Barb: 34

And the other kids are college years like Helena and Damian.

(As an aside, and for people’s information, Harley is in her 40s around this time. She fights Batman II while in her 30s. She didn’t take over Arkham Asylum right away — the position Crane left was vacant for years because no one wanted to take the job)

– I hope no one tries to call me out to tell me Terry’s parents are Warren and Mary McGinnis. Because in an episode of Justice League, it was revealed Bruce is actually his biological father. The explanation is super ridiculous, so for the sake of streamlining, just wanted to call out he is straight-up the son of Batman and Catwoman.

viaDark Knight Trilogy Epilogue: A Life In The Family by ~kinjamin on deviantART.

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