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Armored Wonder Woman Redesign

9 Jan

Wonder Woman und Hosen ist für viele Fans ja immer ein sehr strittiges Thema – aber diese Variante sieht sehr cool aus. Auch mag ich die Rüsrtung – auch wenn sie hier mal nicht griechisch/römisch angehaucht ist (was mir persönlich immer sehr gut gefällt).


So far, 2013 has been pretty quiet here at Straitened Circumstances on account of this is a one man operation and I have some form of the plague.  I barely have the mental energy to remember when I took my pills last, much less write something at all interesting.  I’m very sorry, but also just so out of it.

However, I think I’ve pulled myself together enough today to post a cool picture.  This has been making the rounds this week, and I saw it first at io9Deviant Artist Rahzzah redesigned Wonder Woman as a short haired, armoured warrior.  Let’s take a look:


Whatever you think of the outfit, this is impressive stuff.  Rahzzah’s got some serious talent.  I like a lot of things in this design.  Short haired Wonder Woman is always fun, I like how the lasso runs up her arm, and really the whole thing…

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