Back To The Tardis, part I-III by ~the-other-mike

8 Nov

Das hier wären dann wohl die Poster zum Crossover:

ok so, one day i saw this amazing t-shirt: [link]

and i got to thinking what the actual meeting would be like. are they even insured? what if somebody sues for reckless endangerment? who do they go to?

but seriously, i thought it was kinda cool how much they had in common and how well they would go together. i can imagine marty calling „doc“, and all together different doc answering the call. imagine the wacky dialogue those two would have.


so i decided to color it for fun. i originally had big plans to have both the delorean and the tardis in the BG, but in the end i thought the simpler the better. too bad too since i took the time to color in their legs. oh well…



doc and marty travel to marty’s future and find out the REAL mastermind(s) of their crash [link]! why is griff (descendant of biff tannen) just a severd head? WHY is he controlling a MEGA-DALEK? and most important of all…

how the hell are they gonna get out of this one? ;D


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