Dann mach ich’s eben selbst: MOLLY DANGER by Jamal Igle

2 Aug

Ich hab hier ja schon ein paar Kickstarter Projekte vorgestellt – genauer einen Superhelden-Roman, eine Graphic Novel für Erwachsene und das wohl berühmteste Projekt – Womanthology.Tatsächlich könnte man gerade in letzter Zeit das Gefühl bekommen, als würden immer mehr kreative Köpfe der Comicindustrie auf Plattformen wie Kickstarter ausweichen, um Projekte zu verwirklichen, die sonst keine Chance bekömen, aber eindeutig ihre Fan haben. Ein paar interessante Projekte will ich hier vorstellen (Vorschläge wie immer willkommen). Den Anfang macht Jamal Igle – der sein Projekt mit ein paar Worten begründet, die sehr gut in die Debatte um Frauen in (Superhelden)Comics passen:

I find myself disturbed by the tone some things are taking in the industry. Darkness where darkness didn’t dwell, bitterness for the sake of „relevance“. it seems that in certain corners, there’s no room for magic, and light. It bothers me more than I can say. This not to say that superhero stories can’t be serious, or adult. However you can achieve those things without making them dire, and unlikeable. I need to be the one to make the changes I want to see. […] In  2008 I became the artist of the comic book series, Supergirl and something became very clear to me. Whenever I would talk to fans, two things kept coming up. One was the lack of all ages’ material in the U.S. Comics market. The second was the lack of female heroes who weren’t an offshoot of a male hero or weren’t sexually exploitive. That’s when the seed really began to take root again and why I’m now attempting this massive undertaking. This is my solo first creator owned project.

Worum geht es in der Serie?

„Molly Danger is the story of the world’s most powerful 10-year-old girl. A seemingly immortal, super strong hero, Molly has protected the city of Coopersville for the last 20 years.

Kept in constant isolation and watched closely by D.A.R.T. (The Danger Action Response Team) an organization created to assist in her heroic deeds and monitor her movements, Molly battles the Supermechs. A team of cybernetically enhanced beings with unusual powers, Molly always defeats them and yet they always managed to mysteriously escape. Molly longs for a real life, with a real family, something she’s been told she can never have. Her life changes when D.A.R.T. recruits a new pilot, Austin Briggs. Briggs has his own motivations for joining the team, newly remarried; Austin is having trouble forming a relationship with his new stepson, Brian. Austin wants to use his connections to impress Brian, an avid Molly Danger fan. However things get turned on its ear when Molly and Brian form a friendship of their own.

She believes she’s an alien, whose family died when their ship crash-landed on Earth and before the atmosphere could fully alter them. She also believes that she’s alone, the last of her kind.

Everything she knows is wrong.“

Wer merh über Molly wissen will (zum Beispiel ihre Entstehungsgeschichte) oder schon jetzt Lust hat, das Projekt zu unterstützen – der schaue bitte hier nach.

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